Bellina - Handmade Accessories in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Bellina is a brand of handmade accessories in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by a Venezuelan designer. In our collection, you’ll find a wide variety of unique pieces, from clip-on earrings to bridal earrings. We offer different sizes and shapes to suit your personal style.

Each piece is carefully designed and crafted with the finest materials to offer you high-quality jewelry that will last for years. Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of Bellina and find the perfect piece for you.

Bellina want to be part of your own history.

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Infinity Collection

Add a touch of  to your style with our Infinity Earrings. Handmade... 

New Arrival

🌿Discover our New Arrival section, where you’ll find unique and varied pieces... 

  • Clip on Earrings

    I want you to know that our clip-on pieces are different, because we have placed a silicone pad that makes them comfortable to wear, focused on the needs of those who, due to problems with their earlobes, cannot wear a normal hook piece or base.

  • Boho Earrings

    Starting from the fact that bohemian fashion mixes colors, periods, styles, fabrics, accessories, always with an organic and natural result. That is why we will show you pieces.

  • Natural Stones

    As a designer at the time I began to create, it has always been essential to be united with my natural roots, which is why in many of my pieces they obtained pieces with natural stones.

  • The art of listening

    You will always have the opportunity to talk with me and let me know how you want your designed pieces to be, that is why it is an honor when you make us part of your history through the personalized creation of pieces for special occasions, such as weddings and others.